Tiffany : Our earth is getting hotter. It’s because a lot of illegal logging, greenhouse effects, air pollution by carbon dioxide, and much more. Haaah…. What should we do? Any idea?

Afrida : Hmm I think we must do prohibition to use the vehicles.

Tiffany : Umm I’m not sure. Your idea is too excessive. It’s impossible. What do you think?

Nuzul : I think we must stop factory activities that damage the rivers for a while?

Khairunnisa : I don’t agree. I think me must do reboisation along way. We must cooperate with many people.

Afrida : Ah! That’s right ! I know what you mean.

Khairunnisa : But, we have a problem here.

Tiffany : What’s that?

Khairunnisa : Where we can get the plants?

Nuzul : My grandma sell a lot of plants. So, we can buy it.

Afrida : That’s good idea!


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